How It Works

In order to complete a nutrigenetic analysis I need your raw DNA data which contains the details of your nucleotide bases for each gene (A’s, T’s, C’s and G’s). This can be obtained from a company like 23andme. See my blog on How to get your raw data file. Once you have got it, you will see it is surprisingly tiny at about 16KB, so small enough to send in an email. I take your data security seriously. Please see my Data Protection & Privacy Policy.

As DNA is just a set of instructions, in order to make sense of how those instructions are playing out, I also need to see some lab test results, and do a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms using my consult questionnaires. The labs I prefer are blood tests, and I am geared to using the Medichecks comprehensive blood tests because I apply a bespoke analytical tool to that format specifically. It would be possible to use other labs for blood test data, but owing to the mismatch between labs and their analytes, the integrity of the algorithm is reduced somewhat which can result in less meaningful data. Please see my blog on Which Blood Tests to Get.

Below is a summary of how the process works. All of the functional medicine tests can be accomplished at home without any need for attending a clinic. I am happy to include other lab results in my analysis (like DUTCH test, Stool tests, Organic Acid tests, etc). They really do help to deepen the quality of the end result, but they are optional only. I can advise you further on this once I have seen your consult forms. You may wish to consider spreading out some of the functional tests if you are working with me on the 12- month option, because it can prove expensive. I believe my core combination of DNA raw data, consult forms, and a comprehensive blood test represent the most cost effective way of gathering meaningful data which translates into great outcomes.

How it works